KTAOS special discount

Milli Thornton, writing coach and author of Fear of Writing

Milli Thornton


If you heard my ad on KTAOS, you’ll know that the 20% discount is being offered to “late bloomers” (age 45-85) who are also KTAOS listeners and who enroll in the Fear of Writing Online Course.

The Fear of Writing Online Course is an 8-week curriculum where students complete 18 fun writing assignments. You’ll find out much more about the features and benefits of the course when you visit the course website, which I’ll give you the link to shortly.

But, first, here’s the news about your discount.

There are three tuition levels offered for the online course:

1. Bring-a-Friend Discount – $199 per person (and you must enroll with a friend)

2. Solo Student – $375

3. Milli Thornton as your course presenter – $625

The KTAOS discount is for #2, which means you can enroll for $300.

To qualify for the discount, simply complete the enrollment process. Be sure to checkmark ‘KTAOS discount’ when you fill out the enrollment form. You must have a Taos mailing address, or otherwise prove to me that you’re a KTAOS listener. (I’ll give you a way to do that on the enrollment form.)

Ready? Click on the banner to visit the website and find out more about the online course:

Fear of Writing Online Course: 8 weeks of fun writing!