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Dear Milli: Help! I’m an editor and a technical writer and have managed to frighten my inner writer into the depths of a deep, dark, musty coat closet, where she survives on the occasional crust of bread and sip of water. There are characters in my head—I fall asleep thinking about them every night lately—and I have an idea for a world that I’m really enthusiastic about, but all of it is flat as a pancake when I try to write about it. I’m so frustrated! May I please take your course? Thanks!
—Beth Brooks, Editor & President, Paraphrase, Inc., Clinton, New Jersey

THE FEAR OF WRITING ONLINE COURSE is about having fun and gently healing old writing scars. It’s also about establishing (or re-establishing) that you ARE a writer and learning how to write on a regular basis. Our course contains specific elements designed to make this happen over a period of eight weeks:

Have more fun with your writing

Have more fun with your writing!

* 18 creative writing assignments that will liberate your imagination and your powers of expression.

* A safe environment in which to unfold shaky writing wings. (As one woman said: “It screams safe!”)

* Opportunities for writers to express their fears, but without dwelling on them to the exclusion of their creativity.

* The opportunity to write on a regular basis, in a structured but fun environment.

* Mingle with other writers without fear of being critiqued.

* Plenty of positive reinforcement for focusing on creativity, instead of all the usual “shoulds” that can come with writing.

* A progression of creative and emotional blossomings that will help you foster greater self-confidence.

* The sense of accomplishment and momentum created by doing it—by actually taking the steps to overcome your fear of writing.

* A chance for writers to see what they’re really capable of . . . instead of believing the critical voice inside that loves to pound us with self-defeating beliefs.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

~ John Anster, paraphrasing Faust


I am so very pleased that I found your Website and your course. I find myself dreading the day when I complete my eighth week in the program. The process of reading and responding, feeding my imagination and filling up pages has become integral to my daily routine. I will certainly miss these daily activities.
—Walt Nickell, Celina, Ohio

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Fear of Writing Online Course

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