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Milli Thornton, author of Fear of Writing

Milli Thornton

Hi, my name is Milli Thornton, author of Fear of Writing.

DURING THE SUMMER OF 1999 I was telling a friend how blocked I felt in my desire to write. Something I was agonizing over caused her to interrupt.

She said: “You’re so close to your fear of writing, you’d make a good teacher for others who feel the same.”

Being a shy person, a confirmed hermit, her shocking suggestion that I become a teacher put up all my red flags. A few days later, her uncanny use of the term “fear of writing” popped up out of my subconscious. Suddenly, an entire book, including a new method for overcoming the fear, was burning rubber on its way out of me.

I finished the book while I was on a roll and self-published it before I could lose my nerve.

The funny thing is, in 2001 I started the Fear of Writing Clinic, the Fear of Writing Online Course and the weekly writing circles as a way to share my unblocking method with others. I became that teacher I could never imagine myself as.

I hope my story will inspire you to follow your own writing dreams, no matter how unreachable they might seem right now. As the Chinese proverb says:

A journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step

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  1. Alexis

    Dear Milli
    Alexis here from the Uk
    How are you my friend. I think of you often and wonder how you are?
    Sending much love and blessings from the
    Triple AAA xx🤗🤗🥰😊👍👏


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