Guest Blogger Guidelines

Writing-with-catAT FEAR OF WRITING, guest bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. Some may be very experienced and some may not. If you don’t have a book or blog of your own, don’t assume you’re not qualified to write for this blog.

You can use the list of topics below and choose one that most resonates with you, or contact me with your own awesome idea and I’ll help you figure out if it’s right for our audience.

Guest bloggers will need to submit a short bio and an author photo. If you’re not sure how to do the bio, please read a few blog posts to get an idea of how I like to present my guests.

Thank you. I look forward to your submission! – Milli

Profile of My Audience

My readers are looking for a certain kind of help and encouragement. They usually have an immediate need to get back in touch with the joys of writing. They need to learn to have fun again! They’re often recovering from some kind of emotional wound (example: a harsh, humiliating critique or prolonged writer’s block) that has shut down their capacity for self-belief.

Experienced writers who show up often do so because they’re feeling jaded—they want to play and feel creative again.

Fear of Writing does not give advice on freelancing or about how or where to get published. On the other hand, stories of your journey to publication are welcome, especially when you include any fears or obstacles you had to overcome to succeed.

Topics for Guest Bloggers

Some of the best blog material comes when you write about yourself and your learning experiences. Readers will love to learn from you—and possibly avoid some of the pitfalls you may have encountered. Don’t be afraid to include a seeming failure that you can (or already did!) turn upside down to find the silver lining.

The themes I tend to stick to for this blog include:

(i) fear of writing/writer’s block

(ii) creativity in general

(iii) inspiring others—and therefore yourself!—to get more writing done

(iv) coming out of the closet as a writer

(v) demystifying the intimidation factor of the literary world, the publishing world or anything else that might make us feel small as writers

(vi) a writing or creative success you’ve enjoyed that might inspire others to succeed

(vii) tips or anecdotes about having more fun as a writer

(viii) anything that helps writers believe in themselves or remember that they’re not alone in their fears.

When you’re ready to propose your idea, use the Contact Us page in the main menu.

Happy writing!


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